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Sure I'm a Wordpress plugin geek - so checking out new "CTA" WP plugins is kinda like a hobby of mine! Here are some of my favourites. 

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My entrepreneurial journey started in 2008, when I dropped out of corporate world wages. I went from business SME business GM to online affiliate. Now I operate in many realms of solopreneur digital marketing... Whilst earning a tidy living at it ta-boot!
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Tony helped me make my site 100x Better! A very pointed and targeted conversation with him about helping me with my website and I gotta tell you… Seriously one of the most super helpful people I have EVER met.

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I met Tony about a year ago, I asked him for some website tips. What I ended up getting was amazing insight and direction delivered in his fantastic, helpful, no BS style. He's a natural and just has a way about him - I knew I’d been fantastically lucky to find him.

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