What Makes Captifire A Smart Conversion Tool?

I'll be totally upfront with you, when I had a look at this app it did mess with my head for a bit. There was NO way I thought I'd be reviewing another lead generation method so soon.

It was such a positive moment, all the lead generation ideas that started popping into my head made Captifire something I had to share. Afterall anything that puts you ahead of the crowd is a good thing right?

Captifire Review 

​Product name: Captifire
Website: www.captifire.com
Product type: Lead Generator
Price: from $37
Owners: Stuart Frank
Company: wishloop.com

Captifire Review

Captifire Marketing Pages Overview

Captifire is under the umbrella company of wishloop.com, The owner is Stuart Frank, and Captifire was launched October of 2015.

The wishloop team, Stuart, Tom Murray and Ayoub are not new to the product market. This is infact their 5th product. The other one that I'm very interested in is called 'Engageifire' that I'll no doubt add to the review schedule pretty soon.

So Then:

With every developer and their uncle launching products into the rather saturated lead generation market. To succeed where others have failed, or to get noticed when there are some great lead generators available - you really have to bring something rather unique to the table. 

​The objective of captifire is conversion, and converting leads it does very well. With engagement being at the core of this new software, once you've gone through my review I'm positive that the lead generation ideas will come flooding to you as they did me!

Captifire is a web-based app that comes with 58 templates that are pre-loaded so you can use the app straight out of the box without any serious tech skills... Or create your own if you do have skillz!

View Captifire And Engagafire Websites

Included With Captifire App

As to be expected the templates are of great quality. They are designed to improve conversions through engagement (there's that E word again)  and can be used on all types of websites, from eCommerce to affiliate.

Again as to be expected to be any serious competition, every element on the pages can be adjusted and edited, it's a drag and drop interface, so anyone can use it.. literally.

Uniquely mobile optimised with each new captifire campaign page created you get a customised mobile responsive page as-well. The difference is that with captifire's mobile pages you can carry on and edit for the best possible user experience with over 40 drag and drop components.  

​The E word  engagement is at the heart of captifire multi-step optins. Captifire lets you create fun and interactive campaigns with full audio and video elements. The campaigns allow you to respond specifically to what the viewer prefers and chooses. 

​There's compatibility integrations built in like built in Shopify widget, Teespring or Amazon products even direct integration with paypal. 

  • Video Pages
  • Discount Pages 
  • Optin Pages
  • Launch Pages
  • 404 Pages
  • Meetup Pages

However, for all that I've said you need to see what Captifire can do. 

The difference is engagement - The 1st video I want you to see is the first that I saw.. because as I said at the start of this captifire review ... The lead generation ideas just came flooding in!

Watch Captifire Engagement In Action


I wasn't overstating the engagement elements was I

​Amplifire is only included in the Multi-Site license, and it's purely because of this extra function as an add-on that made it a no-brainer for me to pay the extra $$

​Amplifire is the perfect way to enhance any email campaign or ad campaign.

By showing a custom page before the sales page, that "amplifies" a particular sales angle, call to action, coupon or bonus. Put simply Amplifire gets you better results from your marketing campaigns.

Again I'll leave it to the tutorial video to show you Amplifire -
... Do look out for my video walkaround of the members area below.

Captifire Squeeze Pages Review

The Captifire app forces you to pay attention - even if you are very happy with your conversions. We know that adding in a better targeted offer via captify will only increase those numbers. 

The templates are great starting points for all the types of squeeze pages you can use to improve your conversions. The core elements are allowing the website visitors to choose campaigns that are more suited to them, which in turn adds a greater commitment when they're faced with a purchasing decision. 

As you'd expect, all the 50 plus templates included with the app can be easily edited with the standard drag and drop tool. There are plenty of elements to add to your pages.

Have a look inside with me here​ below

Tony's Captifire Walkround

Captifire Price Points

This is seriously the only gripe I have with Captifre, and it's the only reason that they scored a 9 rather than top score 10. Though if you look at the actual $37 costs you could say I'm being picky!

If you choose the single site license you can only run 5 campaigns in a 12 month period. Likewise a multi-site enables you to run 20 campaigns a year across 5 websites. 
So - you can see why the smart money goes on an unlimited site licence which includes Amplifire can't you?

Is Captifire For You?

Certainly - most products are suited to a particular 'level' of skill set. But with Captifire I think anyone can get to grips and start using it within 30 mins of even knowing it existed.

Beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers can all benefit from the awesome features of Captifire. The benefit of suiting your prospect to a particular offer is very measurable, especially with their built in analytics. 

Do think hard when it comes to making the buying decision. And I really do suggest you do get captifire! The logical buy is the multisite. Just imagine having a bespoke optimised captifire page infront of your high traffic pages...

Sweet thought right?

Any Complaints?

I had a good look around teh interweb and could find no complaints about Captifire or the parent company wishloop.com either at all.

In fact I was very pleased to see that they actually, and very smartly for testimonials, ask for customer feedback on their facebook page... I found another crazy fact at the same time >> Wishloop.com ranks #50,291 among over 30 millions websites in world, and ranks # 935 in Sweden!

My Thoughts On The Captifire app

Out of all teh lead genaration and squeeze page builders offered on teh market I think Captifire has positioned itself in a real place of authority.

They have created an app that really does do things that others can't at a very good price point. It can be integrated seamlessly into any campaign and the CPA opportunities would be fantastic with such an app. Captifire certainly gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

Captifire App Summary

I reckon Thrive Leads and other top tools have some serious competition here. Adding in gamification and personal choice preference steps greatly increases chances of a conversion. 

The app is easy to use with very intuitive drag and drop control. I love the 50+ templates to kick off with, it makes life so much easier when you have pre-loaded add-ons like that. 

The multi-site license is really the only choice if you plan on putting this to for serious use. The addition of Amplifire is a massive incentive to spend the extra $20. There are a couple of upsells that allow extra functionality. However for my particular niches and purpose I didn't feel them necessary. 

The app has definitely been developed for marketers by marketers. That's evident in the money orientated integrations, which is certainly a good thing. The video tutorials are very slick and easy to follow and get the grasp of the tools with as you saw. 

Pro's and Con's

  • Create unlimited lead pages with multisite 
  • Intuitive drag and drop design control
  • Add video, audio, countdown timers and more
  • full email, Amazon, Teespring and Paypal intergration 
  • Full social media intergration
  • Video tutorials and suport
  • The single and multidite licience restrict how many campaigns you can run in 1 yr ;(  

Please do Let us know your thoughts on any of the wishloop products in the comments section below.

I'm pretty much loving all of them. (edit)

Captifire Review


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