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​Product name: Click Animate
Product type:WordPress Page Animator
Price: $17 - 37
Owners: Josh Ratta & Thomas Dolso

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Click Animate Plugin Overview

Released in September 2015, Click-Animate is a product by Josh Ratta, the guy behind the very successful Video Motion Pro application, and Thomas Dolso. I've a feeling it's a marriage of convenience. Thomas launched WP Animate less than 5 weeks ago, and click-animate looks like a much better, slicker package... I'm sure that's Josh's influence! 

Click animate is the WordPress plug-in that is designed to make your pages pop! You're able to pick which elements on your webpage you want animating, and pick from a variety of eye-popping animations to apply to said element. 

​The Click Animate features become visible once previewing your post or page - I used a landing page designer, it worked just fine, I was able to apply click animate in design or preview mode (must be said, using preview mode was easier though). 

This does give your CTA elements a serious advantage! 

Included With Click Animate

As you can see Click animate is a wordpress plugin that once installed allows you to transform your static wordpress into a dynamic page.  You can literally click on headers, text, images, video or any element of the wordpress page and add eye popping animation to capture your reader's attention

​With the click animate wordpress plugin you get ...

  • Over 50 Animations
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Works With All WP Themes
  • 24/7 Support Desk 
  • Adjust Animation Timings
​Animated effects for wordpress can be a bit cumbersome to set up. I've tried a few from Sorethumb to CTA Pro, out of all of them, the software at is by far the easiest to use.   

My Click Animate Video Review ​

rbtPageLines- rated1review.pngrbt

As you saw in the video above, for a plugin that has so many cool functions, the user interface of click animate is really simple to navigate. 

Click Animate Price

As I write they are still in launch mode, so prices are pretty hard to pass up for a WP plugin geek like me - however I did stop at buying the upgrade which rocks in at $67.00... 

That I thought was a bit steep,though it does give you another 50 animations and a whole new suite of video animation effects.

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Is Click Animate For You?

You gotta be kidding right - Is that even a serious question to be asking? If you have need for...

  • A website that stands out
  • Keeping your visitors interested
  • Makeing your website more engaging
  • Direct Your Visitors attention

... Then Click Animate is certainly something that I rate, you should take my word for it and just grab yourself a copy.

Click Animate Complaints?

Its really far too early to gauge what peeps think about click animate as it's hardly hit the shelves. Though I do have a small gripe. I'm not able to hightlight singlewords, that's a bit of a disappointment.

My Thoughts On Click Animate Plugin

There's been a lot of wordpress developers try and conquer the wordpress animation project. The closest I thought, as an "easy" stand alone, was sore-thumb plugin, that's no longer for sale 🙁  I absolutely LOVE the animation of CTA Pro  - but the learning curve is a bit steep for me to call it easy to build animations with. 

There's definately a gap in the market for a great way to animate a static wordpress. I've tried quite a few of them and so far I really do like the ease of use from click animate. It's going to top of my wordpress animation list. 

There are so many great uses for click animate, the only thing to watch out is overkill.There's a tendency to use quite a few animations, when one or two animations on a page would be the most effective. 

Click Animate is a really easy way to add compelling call to action to any wordpress element.

... If I were to gripe.. again it would be that I can't highlight words and have them jump into action. It's flexible and responsive which is a must for serious modern day marketing. A big plus is that click animate can be used with your content and landing page builders

Click Animate Review Summary

I'm loving Click Animate it's an awesome tool at a very good price for what it does. The function of this plugin is to grab your reader's attention and it allows you to do that brilliantly. They nailed it. It's one of the most well built, animation plugin's for wordpress I've seen.

​Well priced, and certainly a plugin that will help boost conversions on any wordpress website. I'll be installing on most of my wordpress sites for sure...  

Pro's and Con's

  • Simple WP Animation Plugin (anyone can use) 
  • 50+ Sweet eye popping animations
  • Doesn't conflict with other wordpress plugins 
  • No page lag due to timed animation loads
  • A great price especially the unlimited site option
  • You can't animate single words or line of specific text 

Please do animate any of your wordpress - or would you seeing how simple it is?
Let me know in the comments section below
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