HydraVid 2.0 Review Including A Look At Syndicate

hydravid 2.0 siteHydraVid 2.0 Review

Product name: HydraVid 2.0
Website: www.hydravid.com
Product type: Video Syndication Software
Price: $29.95
Owner: Walt Bayliss

It seems longer,  but it’s only been just over eight months since I did my first hydravid review.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the product at that time, which is reflected in my usual no BS reviews!

With hydravid 2.0 released (and with Hydravid 3 in the pipeline)  I was asked by creator Walt Bayliss to take a look at the new improvements and bug fixes thus far.

Walt gave me unfettered access to hydatid 2.0, and also membership to Syndicate… That will syndicate (it’s in the name!) your videos and “improve your results 10 to 100 unfold” says the sales information!

HydraVid Program Overview

As a concept Hydravid is a much needed piece of software that certainly fills the gap in the market. We know that 90% of online marketers use video as their top 3 tools, therefor getting your video onto as many reputable video sites as possible is certainly good for business.

In essence what Hydravid does is distribute your videos to your various video channel accounts as well as social media.

The real benefits with Hydravid is that you’re able to use spin tags in your title and description, allowing for unique optimized content in the SERPs. Also the adding of an image which hydravid uses to ensure your video length is unique. This is a real benefit if you want the same video on 12 to 20 different video sites (or even more), and showing up in search results.

What’s Included With HydraVid 2.0 ? 

Purchasing Hydravid 2.0 gives you access to the Hydravid software, training pages and support. The actual hydravid software runs from JavaScript on your PC. It’s click easy to download and install and loads smoothly from your desktop. 

Once hydravid 2.o is loaded you’ll access the Hydravideo popup window, which is where you can add the relevant info for the video you want distributed.

There is a list of  various bonuses for purchasing, however none stood out to me like Hydravid Xray.  A really neat software script that allows you to search the top performing YouTube video’s or channels via keywords. All the useful data is pulled, inc: tags, description, likes dislikes etc and then you are able to sort in numerous way as well.

Hydravid x-ray is really a very useful tool for video snooping!

Here’s how I got on with the updated hydravid 2.0 software at first install…

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Hydravid 2.0 Price

The Hydravid 2.0 software is currently on sale for $29.95, it’s a one time payment with an add on upgrade that’s not required – the Hydravid Syndicate program.

Hydravid Syndicate program

Hydravid Syndicate is sold on the back end of the Hydravid purchase.  It’s a completely separate system that isn’t needed for Hydravid to work,  however it does offer advantages when it comes to video distribution and syndication.

You can quite easily add your own unlimited PBN (personal blog network) urls and distribute your videos that way. This To me seems like a very viable option. If you have aged domains that are niche relevant this could be a quick and simple way to get your videos onto those domains. 

Or you can use the websites that have been registered with Hydravid Syndicate users, and Walt’s added network sites and distribute your videos. However these would be purely random websites. 

I submitted a video and received the report of 10 websites where videos were distributed to. Out of the 10 websites, 9 had 0 Alexa ranking and 0 PR, just one of the sites had a homepage with a PR value of 3.

Hydravid 2.0 review results

hydravid syndicate results

I wouldn’t bank on getting any serious benefit, having a quality video placed on a poor quality website that’s unrelated via niche, doesn’t sit well with me!

Thoughts On HydraVid 2.0 & Syndicate

Well I still do have to say that during my Hydravid 2.0 testing it didn’t wow me. There are improvements from version one, setting up my accounts are smoother. When uploading video’s you actually see hydravid software logging and posting. However it’s still not posting to all ‘my’ selected profiles, it may be my fault, however it’s the core reason for investing in the system.

Bottom line is if this worked as it says on the tin, it’d be a no-brainer quick purchase. However for me I just can’t get it to do what it says it should do 100% of the time.

Hydravid Syndicate relies on syndicating your video’s to generate back-links. However we know that these days, only quality links matter. I don’t see syndicate being a great benefit unless you use it with your own PBN.

Inside the HydraVid Members Area

Here is a video that shows inside the members area and yet again also the fail of me uploading my videos. 

rbtPageLines- rated1review.pngrbt

Hydravid isn’t what I would call an essential tool or anything, but I would use on a daily or weekly basis, if I could get it to work 100% of the time!

Looking forward to the V3 update!

[ Hydravid 2.0 review update]
In Hydra-vids defence I think I’ve found what the issue was/is. Daily Motion & the Flickr need me to authorize the app for use on their site. I did notice a screen flick by in the firefox window asking me to verify my phone again which makes me believe that that “may” be the problem…

Also in the latest upload the title, description and tags didn’t carry across to the other video accounts so I added them separately and they all posted OK.
I’ll keep you updated!


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